Quilted Pillow

Welcome to the 2022 Higher Ground Fair Quilt Show!

Saturday, September 17, 9 AM - 6 PM

Sunday, September 18, 9 AM - 4 PM


Join us for a regional quilting show, showcasing quilters from across the Rocky Mountain Region! Bringing quilters together, educating fairgoers about the intricacies of quilting, and inspiring the next generation of quilters.​ 



Christina Gravatt  

Tina M. Gravatt has been successfully quilting since 1973 and has

produced so many quilts, wall-hangings, pillows, etc. that she has lost

count. Renowned quilter, collector, and lecturer, Tina Gravatt offers

another look at miniature quilts. Tina has spent over ten years researching

and constructing nearly 150 miniature quilts. She has collected nearly 200 doll beds,

of all sizes, time periods, and styles, upon which to accurately display her quilts.

Exhibitions of her work include the Museum Ter Zijde, Wouw, Netherlands;

Garner Museum, Quincy, IL; McMinn County Living Heritage Museum, Athens, TN;

Museum of the American Quilter's Society, Paducah, KY; and Paisley Museum and

Art Galleries, Paisley, Scotland. She has worked in 35 states and seven countries and

her work is well known around the world from her books, 'Heirloom Miniature Quilts' and 'Old Favorites in Miniature'.

See these quilts to the left and many other beautiful, unique, miniature quilts from Gravatt's collection at this year's

Higher Ground Fair Regional Quilt Show 

Interested in participating at Higher Ground Fair 2022? 

We are accepting applications! Apply today!


The Quilt Show is located in Higher Ground Fair’s Artisan Marketplace. Admission to the Quilt Show is included in the General Higher Ground Fair ticket and ALL Quilt Show Participants get FREE Higher Ground Fair Weekend Tickets.

Submissions for Display only:

Quilts submitted for display will also need to be submitted through the Quilt Show Entry form and will be reviewed. There is no fee for display only. If you are interested in doing a demonstration, giving a presentation or selling some of your quilting materials, please submit a participant application.


Judge and Appraisals for all Quilts by Cindy Brick. 

To schedule an Appraisal at the submit the Appraisal Form to info@highergroundfair.org

Appraisal Forms can be found here.



Quilt Entry Guidelines


  • Quilter(s) may submit their completed work by submitting an entry form, 2 digital photos, and the story behind the quilt.

  • Quilter(s) must be located within one of the six the Rocky Mountain states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, and the Native First Nations of the region.

  • Quilts may be entered in a maximum of two (2) categories. 

  • Quilts must be no larger than 95" in width and 95" in length (size restriction does not apply to Display Only Submissions)

  • All quilts must remain on display until 4 p.m. Sunday, September 18, 2022.

  • Two photos must be submitted with the entry:

  • A full-view photo of the completed quilt showing the entirety of the quilt. No part of the quilt may be obscured.

  • A photo of the entrant(s) from the shoulders up. If a group is submitting, please use a photo that includes all of the participants.

  • A brief narrative of the quilt must be uploaded with an entry including but not limited to: Materials used and where they are from geographically, start and completion date, the technique used, type of quilt, and inspiration for the design.

  • Quilts must be clean, free of odor, and in excellent condition. Quilts that are soiled, torn, or incomplete will be disqualified for both entry and display.

Quilts must arrive no later than 6 PM THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15

Payments are due when quilts are dropped off on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15

Entry forms may be mailed/emailed to

Email: info@highergroundfair.org

Mail: Higher Ground Fair, c/o Feeding Laramie Valley, 968 North 9th Street, Laramie, WY 82072



  • Hand Quilted: Quilt must be predominantly completed by hand; quilts can be any technique; at least 75% of quilting must be done by hand.

  • Machine Quilted: Quilt must be predominantly completed by either a moveable machine stationary machine, or both.

  • Rocky Mountain Themed Quilts: Must incorporate imagery or themes inspired by the landscapes and culture of the Rocky Mountain region, namely Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, and the Native First Nations within them. 

  • Mini Quilts: Machine or hand quilts with sides under 24 inches and a maximum block size of 4 inches. 

  • Non-Traditional Quilts: Quilts that utilize atypical or asymmetrical patterns and block sizes/layouts. 

  • Collaborative Quilt: Made by two (2) or more quilters. Names of each participant must be included in the entry form. 

  • Heritage Quilt: Antique or historical quilts are eligible. Dates of any alteration to the original (restoration, repairs, etc.) must be listed in the entry form.

Elongated Hexagon” Trip Around the World” Charm Quilt
Elongated Hexagon” Trip Around the World” Charm Quilt

vintage and contemporary fabric. Notice that the late nineteenth century novelty prints are reproduced in this miniature representing that era. Quilt: 15” X 18 ¾”

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Make Do Quilt
Make Do Quilt

12"x14" Twig bed...handmade by me. All quilts are made by me and are inspired by quilts of the past

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Crazy Victorian Quilt
Crazy Victorian Quilt

14" x 17". Bed is antique brass and metal doll bed from about 1870s

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Tudor Quilt
Tudor Quilt

About 20 inches sq. A variation of Drunkard's Path design. bed is Tudor-like.

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Half Square Triangle Scrap Quilt
Half Square Triangle Scrap Quilt

12" x 13" Bed same as last picture. Quilt inspired by old Swedish quilt, full-size.

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