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Join us at the Higher Ground Fair and showcase your contributions to Rocky Mountains by exhibiting your handmade arts, traditional or innovative agriculture and ranching practices, social and political action groups, passion for dance and movement, livestock and farm animals, regionally sourced and produced foods and much more. See applications below.
Vendors and interested contributors are welcome to submit an application for a workshop, demonstration or talk. You will reach new audiences, create personal and professional connections, share your ideas, products, and your visions.
Weekend Booth Prices and Deadlines for Vendors (Fees required after vendor is accepted)
25% off Early-Bird (by May 1st): Nonprofits: $18.75 and Businesses: $37.50

10% off Just in time (May 2nd-July15th): Nonprofits: $
22.50 and Businesses: $45
General Registration: Nonprofits: $25 and Businesses: $50 
Applications can be submitted online by clicking the buttons below. If you would like an application mailed to you, please give us a call. A submitted application does not guarantee acceptance, Higher Ground Fair staff will review all applications and confirmation will be sent within one week of submission.

Please Email any questions to or call Higher Ground Fair Head Office.


Marketplace Vendors

For all vendors who wish to have a table at the Fair. Including animals, businesses not selling unpackaged foods, and information tables.

Speakers & Presenters

For individuals or organizations wanting to be give a scheduled speech, talk, or presentation at the fair.

Food Vendors

For any vendor cooking on site, including booths offering samples. If all foods sold are pre-packaged, please fill out General Vendor application.

Exhibits & Displays

For individuals or organizations wanting to share an exhibit or display at the fair. Exhibits or displays may be interactive.

Llama & Alpaca Show

The Llama & Alpaca show is a competition including a costume parade, obstacle course, and more! For more information check out the application page linked below.

We look forward to your participation as a vendor, presenter, exhibitor, volunteer, attendee, and more! We welcome questions and suggestions you might have as you prepare to help us build a Higher Ground. 

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