The Higher Ground Fair staff is committed to providing an inclusive environment for fairgoers with mobility challenges.


Parking: We provide a limited number of accessible parking spots. Please be advised that these spots may fill up quickly. Staff will additionally provide a shuttle service from the parking lot to the fairgrounds.


Wheelchairs: There will be several accessible facilities available at the fairgrounds. Specific locations will be available for viewing on the map of the fair.

Assistance: Please note, we do not have wheelchairs available for individual fairgoer use. Staff and volunteer members are available and will use golf carts for ease of transporting fairgoers as needed. While advance notice is not necessary, it is appreciated.

Grounds and Walkways: The fairgrounds are expansive. Getting from point A to point B can take some time, especially when there are lots of people walking along with you. While there are no stairs, and the majority of the fairgrounds are paved and accessible, it's a good idea to look at the fairgrounds map when planning your schedule for the day.


Service Animals: Certified service dogs necessary for an individual's ability to attend the fair are welcome. Please have your dog wear an official service dog vest while at the fair, or be prepared to show the dog's service certificate. Because of the large number of animals active in the fair's implementation, companion dogs and other pets are not permitted at the Higher Ground Fair.